Adepoju Toluwani

My name is Adepoju Toluwani, I am a Nigerian currently pursuing Information Technology at Ipam USL and I am currently in year two.  I love thinking and creativity which inspired me to teach myself programming, graphic design, 2D animation and right now am currently interested in robot programming, robot design and building. WHAT I HAVE CREATED AND WHAT AM GOING TO CREATE: I have successfully created a face recognition system , speech recognition system, text recognition system, real-time image analyzing system and an artificial intelligence bot capable of learning, doing mathematical calculations, teaching and reacting to its physical world, all this is an objective for my main goal of making a humanoid robot  that can be trained by each individual on an android application and when inserted into its body, it can perform various task according to its various training. MY VISION: My vision is to show the world that Africa has thinkers, innovators and inventors that hasn’t discovered their talent due to lack of exposure and enlightenment, it only takes a spark to light a fire and I am sure I would make an impact and that we as Africans are great.