360TrackPro was relaunched in 2017, offering tracking services to businesses and indiviuduals in the sub-reigion. 360TrackPro is a private yet affordable offering that enables small & large businesses as well as private individuals to manage and get the most out of their vehicles and assets stimulating an increase in productivity and supporting the longevity of their assets sucuring their success every day.

We offer the best fleet management solutions in the industry. Our powerful GPS Fleet Management Systems will streamline your business operations and improve your top and bottom line.

We are a full-service provider – sales, installation, and service. We are a highly trained and motivated organization that is 100% focused on giving you the best in class training and support. If you have additional questions beyond our printed or digital material we will get you the answer.

We understand your business and we can provide the GPS Fleet Management tools that will make a difference in your productivity including operational efficiency and valued staff retention.

Our GPS Fleet Management systems help protect the value in your vehicles by giving you the tools to protect your investment by reducing wear and tear and reduce unnecessary trips and miles.

Because we can connect you to a 100% secure wireless network you will get information from your vehicles on a real-time basis. That also means you can re-route a vehicle immediately if the situation calls for it.

You will have access to a full set of reports that will give you the analytical power you never dreamed possible.

All information is archived for one full year.

To learn more about how we can dramatically improve your ROI contact us at +232.30.555.444. or by email at info@360trackpro.com

360 Trackpro. An Asset Tracking system currently tracking Assets in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Mali & Guinea Bissau.

To demo the system:
Go to http://track.360trackpro.com

Then the username is:

The password is:

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