Connectickets is your all-in-one event management solution. We’ve transformed the world of event planning by offering a comprehensive platform that seamlessly combines online ticketing, expert event planning services, and cutting-edge technology. From ticket sales to flawless execution, we’re dedicated to making your events unforgettable and hassle-free. With Connectickets, every event becomes a masterpiece waiting to happen.


At Connectickets, our mission is to simplify event management. We tackle the challenges of fragmented event planning by providing a single, streamlined solution that covers everything from ticketing to event execution. Our goal is to save event organizers time, effort, and resources while ensuring attendees have a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Our vision is to revolutionize event planning and ticketing, making it accessible and convenient for everyone involved. We aim to be the leading event management platform by continuously enhancing our offerings, listening to user feedback, and forming strategic partnerships to reach a broader audience.

Connectickets was born out of a recognition of the difficulties faced by event organizers and attendees. We’ve conducted thorough market research, engaged with clients and event-goers, and tested our platform at pilot events. The positive response has validated our solution and given us the confidence to grow. Our biggest achievement to date is successfully partnering with a local festival organizer, boosting our credibility and reputation. As a startup, we’ve faced funding challenges, but we’ve secured investment through strategic partnerships. To reach the next level, we need further investment, a talented team, enhanced technology, and more industry partnerships. 

We’re grateful for the support from our local startup community and believe that fostering stronger connections and resources tailored to regional needs will empower entrepreneurs like us to thrive.

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