Maabis is a clothing company that offers unique and high-quality services on tailored made suits, customized ready to wear corporate attires that meet modern design and culture. We do generate our revenue from the sales of ready to wear attires to either individuals or businesses.

Our high-quality fabrics are sourced within Sierra Leone and sub-region at wholesale price in order to take advantage of bulk purchase discount and hence reduction in material cost but quality remains the same. We source from 10 vendors in 4 countries and goods are inspected, monitored and tracked from date of purchased to date of receipt.

Farming Agribusiness and Reproduction Management Solution (FARMS) is a startup founded in August 2020 and based in Freetown. It currently produces briquettes for household and commercial use from carbonized coconut and jelly shells and fire starters from sawdust. The company has been focusing on cash cow in  industry  briquette with a winning strategy that has brought in significant sales. Now the company wants to profitably target the household briquette market.

SALONE MALL offers a marketplace platform for multiple vendors to simply plug in, create and start to run their online stores.

Go Markit is an online grocery store and delivery service for locally produced food and make it readily available and accessible to consumers.

Architectural startup that is centered around the idea of transforming, designing and building of affordable, comfortable, sustainable and ecofriendly shipping container into office spaces, homes, shops, Mini Banking kiosk, schools, clinic, restaurant, etc. to serve the purpose for commercial and residential use in response to business, social and environmental needs.

Sabi Salone Tours focused on offering Entertainment, Experience, Excitement and interesting series of tours to both local and inbound tourists

Tian’s Closet Freetown is a brand that deals with African clothing (gara tie dye and the ankara) I do my own tie dye designs all by myself and also the sewing.

We are providing solution to the unprofessionalism and Unreliability of Tailors.
For the Tye dying; the Poor-quality materials to dye and poor skills applied that makes the work very poor is a challenge we are solving with our high-quality materials and good technique.

Bead Up is focused on Designing and production of various fashion accessories and wears using Beads and other local materials.

Effective and digital management of schools in areas including data/information, staff, finances, academic work and general administration.

E Net offer students Free Academic Contents and skills development Resources platform (Website & Mobile app) with 24/7 access, easy to use, and tailor made content.