I use organic wastes to produce briquettes for cooking, ironing, baking and households use. The use of briquettes is a better alternative to coal and supports clean cooking.

I was motivated by the large amount of waste such as (carpentry shaves, saw dust, rice husk  paper carton and cloth textile), that was simply discarded.

The collection and transforming this waste materials into valuable product for communities also creating a way of employment for young people and their livelihood support.

My business idea aims to solve a big problem of waste disposal and the indiscriminate wastes disposal poor waste management. Further my  business is an environmental friendly effort to reduce and even halt deforestation of burning charcoal and firewood that has becoming a major concern. The indiscriminate cutting down of tree causes a lot of problems Global warming, drought, respiratory diseases, Air pollution, explosion potential etc.

I am based in Makeni and gradually developing my business. My current challenges are limited working space, I work manually which limits my production capacity.

Sheku Kamara.       +232 88 304551/+232 79 704641.


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