Address: 59 Rigbaneh Road, Makeni City
Stage: Idea, Start up
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Short Description of eWomen

Kisimi Kayleemasa Kamara is a Software Engineer who is passionate about creating and implementing innovative ideas with the goal to make social impact. It is on this basis he founded the social enterprise network eWomen Sierra Leone. eWomen is a female led organization with two women as co-founders. The CEO and Board Chair of eWomen are all females. There is only one man in the top management of eWomen and that’s Kisimi who is the Chief Innovation Officer.


eWomen is all about social impaction. We have researched extensively on the following components with the aim to establish viable businesses:


iWaste: We collect recyclable waste such as plastic waste and coconut shells to make plastic paving stones and eco-friendly charcoal respectively.


iTrees: Establishing nursery sites and encouraging citizens and visitors of Sierra Leone to pledge trees that we plant for them in honour of a girl child, woman and person with disability.


iPlaygrounds: Making eco-friendly playgrounds with most of their components made from waste tyres.


iCarpentry: Making unique furniture and wooden fences.


iShoes: Making celebrity shoes from waste tyres. We also make barefoot and bead sandals.


iBins: Making trash bins from waste tyres.


iCatering: A food market concept focusing on processing, packaging and selling local food.


iFarming; Agribusiness component to encourage young people to involve in farming.


iBags: Making raffia grocery bags, coconut shells cups/dishes, bamboo cups/bottles and banana leaves good wrappers.

Geography: Bombali District
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Business Phone Number: +232 (78)976369/(76)620 818
Address: 7, Berry Street, Freetown
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Stage: Start up
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Gifty’s Detergent is focused on producing locally made cleaning detergent/soap using local materials like egg shells, ashes, etc. to be used in various offices and households.

Business Phone Number: 078 418 428/ 088 962 738
Address: 7 Main Motor Road, Congo Town
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Stage: Idea
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St. Conrad Co Ltd is working on Biomass Energy production through the manufacturing of Coal from agricultural waste materials (sawdust).

Geography: Western Area Urban
Business Phone Number: 23230010074