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KAMANDE AGRICULTURAL PROJECT  (KAP) is a food processing (Cassava Value Addition) business that transforms the cassava tubers into finished edible food such as Garri and Flour which is highly needed in our community.

We are solving problems such as Hunger, Poverty and Unemployment amongst Women and Youths.

Our community is predominantly backward and suffers with malnutrition due to an increase of hungry and poverty.
Additionally, it is pitiful to known that out of 10% of the population almost more that eight percent/8% of the population goes to bed with hungry and only 0.2% that survive from hungry.
So In order to combat the situation we decided to make use of our second staple food that is the cassava as an alternative to rice and reduce the high money spent on imported rice.

Due to the high demand of our product , especially during the raining seasons, we are able to know and confirmed that our business is viable and it will continue to grow and have success.

Koinadugu District
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Jedia Town, Kabala