Call for entries is open until April 1, 2024, for African and Middle Eastern startups seeking to go global or find a growth point.

Burning Heroes (BH) Founders Association, renowned for its commitment to fostering global opportunities for innovative minds, is proud to announce the launch of the Second Edition of BH Africa Startup Awards. The competition is a part of Burning Heroes Founders Association’s mission to equalize access to global opportunities for talented founders. All Associations’ events are collaborative and non-profit and called to connect founders with investors, media, and experts. The inaugural BH Africa Startup Awards in 2023 was a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit on the continent, showcasing over 80+ Startups across the continent. A panel of distinguished judges from top-tier tech companies and venture capital firms, such as Meta, AWS, Flat6 Labs, Savant, Plug and Play, Katapult, Starta VC etc., carefully evaluated and recognized 9 standout startups out of the shortlisted 30. The prizes, totalling an estimated $21,000 in market-value, were awarded in form of promo codes and exclusive 1:1 meeting with these industry leaders.

Victor Aneleh, Program Manager, Burning Heroes Africa/Middle East: “Africa’s early-stage Startup ecosystem is experiencing a seismic shift, marked by a surge in innovation, resilience, and a palpable entrepreneurial zeal. Recognizing the dynamic heartbeat of Africa’s tech evolution, the BH Africa Startup Awards is more than a competition; it is a celebration of innovation, a showcase of dreams, and a platform where the next African unicorns are spotlighted. This is a testament to a future where boundaries are shattered, and brilliance knows no limits!”

Burning Heroes events are widely supported by top VCs and companies from the USA and Europe such as: 500 Global, APX.VC, Techstars, Starta VC, Stanford Entrepreneur Club, etc. The Africa/Middle East Edition boasts judges from the likes of TL Capital, ExpertDojo, Saviu Ventures, Nonfiction.Design, 216 Capital, AHL Ventures, Founder Institute, Renew Capital, Injini, SunnySide Ventures, Latitute59 and more.

BH Africa will offer Thirty (30) of the Early-stage Startups domiciled or operating on the continent an opportunity to virtual pitch to an all-African and European panel of VCs and successful Tech Founders. Contest categories include Startups in: MOBILITY & PROP-Tech, CLIMATE & AGRI-Tech, FIN-Tech & INSUR-Tech, EMERGING/Hi-Tech & SPACE-Tech, EdTech & CIVIC Tech, and AI for GOOD. Winners stand a chance to win: media featuring, free personal advising sessions with experts from Jury, personal pricing and promo codes from our partners, warm access to VCs and membership in our closed community.

We invite:

 – Campus-based Startups

 – Pre-Seed Startups with market validation and product prototype

 – Seed Startups

Join the competition for free: BH Africa 2024 ( 

 Apply until April 1, 2024!

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