Proud Day

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Today is a very proud day for Innovation SL and Innovations Axis. When we started this journey, it was about one thing-creating systemic change in… Read More »Proud Day

Building the next generation of entrepreneurs

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Building the next generation of  entrepreneurs – high growth (scalable) and value creating – in Sierra Leone is not a walk in the park; it is not just about incubating start-ups and or accelerating scale ups. It is about cultivating shared values; about connecting ecosystem actors, and about taking a long view.

The current cohort of 12 start-ups, have been with us from 6 months to 12 months. We have followed the Start-ups commons framework, and all but save 2 are well into the developing an MVP. We have created our own customised MVP development template that focuses on validation—validating the product/service, the target segment/customer. Building the framework for validation, our cohorts are developing User Personas and Empathy maps. These user personas are realistic as possible…with names such as Aminata and Sorie…or Mr. Davies. Our cohorts have developed group personas and single user personas so that the MVP captures the basic needs and goals of a single user or a defined group. Much of the “needs and goals” were already developed by our cohorts through their value proposition canvass (as part of defining the value proposition for the BMC). In the value proposition canvass they looked at the customer jobs, pain, gains etc…Read More »Building the next generation of entrepreneurs


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Innovation SL Ltd is an Entrepreneur Support Organisation (ESO) established in March 2017. The founder is a Sierra Leonean born Norwegian with 20 years in Entrepreneurship ecosystem development. One of the primary motivations in establishing Innovation SL was to deviate from the standard approach to nurturing innovators in Sierra Leone- through innovation competitions and award ceremonies that focus on the top 3 winners out of 50 submissions. It was also the usual practice for cash prizes to be handed over to the winners with no proper or adequate follow up.Read More »PRELIMINARY REPORT 2019 AND OUTLOOK FOR 2020– INNOVATION SL

Leaders from 15 African Tech Hubs Selected for Programme to Spur Early-Stage Deal Flow

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VilCap Communities Africa will teach investment-readiness techniques to incubators, accelerators and seed funds in sub-Saharan Africa



(Nairobi, Kenya, 23 August 2018) – Leaders of 15 incubators, accelerators and seed funds were selected to participate in VilCap Communities Africa, an innovative programme led by Village Capital to accelerate the flow of capital to early-stage companies in sub-Saharan Africa. The programme is supported by the Impact Programme which is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

The 15 finalists will take part in forums this fall led by Village Capital in Lagos and Nairobi, capped off by a major convening in Cape Town in November, where they will learn and share the latest best practices, including Village Capital’s proprietary curriculum and peer-selected investment process.

Village Capital has run more than fifty investment-readiness programmes across the globe, including eight in sub-Saharan Africa that have directly supported more than 80 entrepreneurs and facilitated 16 seed-stage investments. VilCap Communities Africa will build on this experience to equip entrepreneur ecosystem leaders with the tools, resources and connections they need to catalyze impact investment.Read More »Leaders from 15 African Tech Hubs Selected for Programme to Spur Early-Stage Deal Flow

Our vision

Together with Innovation SL our mission is to develops an ideal ecosystem whereby the largest companies in Sierra Leone, interact with ambitious entrepreneurs hungry for success ,… Read More »Our vision