IFC’s CASA Initiative in Sierra Leone

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WHAT IS THE CASA INITIATIVE? IFC’s CASA Initiative, launched in 2008, is helping design and implement integrated strategies specially targeted to support economic recovery in conflict-affected countries. The Initiative is supported by Ireland, the Netherlands, and Norway, while Denmark and Sweden provide additional support in South Sudan and Liberia respectively. The CASA Initiative focuses on: • Improving the business environment through regulatory reform • Strengthening small and medium sized businesses and support institutions, such as chambers of commerce • Rebuilding financial markets, banks, and other financial institutions • Increasing private sector involvement in providing and rebuilding infrastructure such as roads, ports, schools, and power stations CASA’s Support IFC’s CASA Initiative is helping strengthen smaller businesses in Sierra Leone and is working with the government and private sector partners to introduce…
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Leaders from 15 African Tech Hubs Selected for Programme to Spur Early-Stage Deal Flow

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VilCap Communities Africa will teach investment-readiness techniques to incubators, accelerators and seed funds in sub-Saharan Africa     (Nairobi, Kenya, 23 August 2018) - Leaders of 15 incubators, accelerators and seed funds were selected to participate in VilCap Communities Africa, an innovative programme led by Village Capital to accelerate the flow of capital to early-stage companies in sub-Saharan Africa. The programme is supported by the Impact Programme which is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The 15 finalists will take part in forums this fall led by Village Capital in Lagos and Nairobi, capped off by a major convening in Cape Town in November, where they will learn and share the latest best practices, including Village Capital’s proprietary curriculum and peer-selected investment process. Village Capital has run…
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Sierra Leone entrepreneurship leader wins place on prestigious pan-African program

GEN Sierra Leone has won a place on a prestigious scheme to help solve the problem of Africa’s ‘invisible innovators’. We are one of 15 elite ‘entrepreneur support organisations’ on the VilCap Communities Africa training programme, selected from hundreds across the continent. On the programme we will be introduced to the latest thinking in how to help entrepreneurs in our locations flourish and get funding. Without such support, investors could continue to overlook talented African innovators for what they consider safe bets.* The program starts in Lagos and then tours two of Africa’s other top ‘startup ecosystems’, Nairobi and Cape Town, for inspiration. *72% of start-up funding in (East) Africa went to just 3 companies in recent years for example (Source: Disrupt Africa), whilst “impact investors see fewer viable, investable…
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The 5 Ws of an Agribusiness Investment Forum… in Sierra Leone

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What is this? An investment forum that will bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and other diasporas with key roles to play in supporting enterprise development in Sierra Leone to connect, interact, and problem-solve to enhance prospects for development of agribusiness enterprises that can contribute to inclusive growth in Sierra Leone.  A unique group that features our compatriots in the diaspora combined with a rare appearance by a group of Japanese private companies will descend into Sierra Leone. Preparing for them are Sierra Leone agro-based enterprises (agribusinesses) that have been selected via an independent company and process.  They will offer bankable projects hopefully, to the investors.  The names of those companies will be announced in due time. Who is doing this? The IOM with funds from the Government of Japan is sponsoring…
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RFI organizes the “RFI Challenge App Africa”

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RFI organizes the "RFI Challenge App Africa" ​​in order to promote sustainable development in Africa. This contest is organized by RFI as part of the program " C'est pas du vent" which decrypts progress or setbacks of our actions in the face of our ... Education is a universal concern that affects the production of people and their socio-economic situation. Only one-third of developing countries have achieved the “Education for All” goals set by the international community in 2000, but none are in sub-Saharan Africa. This is the assessment drawn up by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, in the latest global report on education for all. In 2010, 61 million children of primary school age were out of school, according to a new UNESCO study. For…
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The theme for the Freetown Pitch Night June 6th event is “Social Entrepreneurship

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The theme for the Freetown Pitch Night June 6th event is “Social Entrepreneurship”. The World Economic Forum describes Social Entrepreneurship as “A term that captures a unique approach to economic and social problems, an approach that cuts across sectors and disciplines grounded in certain values and processes that are common to each social entrepreneur, independent of whether his/ her area of focus has been education, health, welfare reform, human rights, workers’ rights, environment, economic development, agriculture, etc., or whether the organizations they set up are non-profit or for-profit entities”. Do you have an idea or a business that is applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit Sierra Leonean society in general, with an emphasis on those who are marginalized and poor?. Does your business focuses first and foremost on…
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