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What started as a passion for looking at different alternative solutions into ways in which we can transform our waste generated into better use ,… Read More »SHAE RECYCLING

ICommit – Freetown Pitch Night, May 16th

The next wave in Digital Disruption is uniting Fintech with Agtech.On May 16th at 232, the start up, Icommit will pitch their business. ICommit is a mobile money based conditional saving platform that allows smallholder farmers to make regular deposits during and after harvest and access the amount saved at the beginning of the planting […]


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There are lots of overlooked products and materials in our planet, screaming re-love, re-use and re-make me, these voices have been heard by tinapgreen. At tinapgreen we… Read More »Tinapgreen


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360TrackPro was relaunched in 2017, offering tracking services to businesses and indiviuduals in the sub-reigion. 360TrackPro is a private yet affordable offering that enables small & large businesses as well as private individuals to manage and get the most out of their vehicles and assets stimulating an increase in productivity and supporting the longevity of their assets sucuring their success every day.Read More »360TrackPro