Craftybee fashion world produces different types of bags and accessories. We have up to twenty different items in our collection but are still ready to create new items as the need arises. Making additional items to sell and raise money is fine but we also believe in human empowerment; as a result of this, we run short skills training programs to help vulnerable people in different communities. At this time of the world pandemic (covid-19), we are also contributing to saving lives in Sierra Leone by producing thousands of facemasks that office workers used, students, bike riders, etc.

We seek to reduce the high percentage of plastic waste in Sierra Leone. Plastic bags are found on the shores of our rivers and beaches, on streets and drainages; which actually causes threats to different species of animals, causes pollution, and flooding. 

Giving an alternative to single-use plastic bags and youth empowerment through skills training.

Seeing that plastic makes a bulk of the waste in the country and causes environmental pollution our brand thought it fit to make an alternative that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

With my idea, I won the European Union pitch on the Theme: Replacing single-use plastic bags. The European Union-sponsored visit to the Dokmai factory- in Rwanda also helped me to validate my idea. Rwanda is using similar products to reduce plastic waste and keep Kigali clean. 

We are currently on the determination and evaluation of resource requirements. The next is to implement our national awareness campaign and scale up the solar backpack that has a bulb and can charge mobile phones.  This step is geared towards students in provincial towns that have limited or no access to electricity.

The biggest win so far is the European Union delegation in Sierra Leone together with the partnership of Freetown Pitch Night sponsored trip to develop my idea in Rwanda and being reorganized as an entrepreneur in Sierra Leone by entrepreneurs connect, under thirty C.E.Os. & Purposeful production.

The biggest challenge as a startup founder is not having the finance to implement ideas/projects and changing the mindset of people from traditional practice (Use of plastic bags).

Now that we have the skills and passion for what we are doing, our primary need is to access finance and acquire machines to scale up our productions.  

Networking and training have been instrumental in the entrepreneur community. We have gained a lot from networking with different organizations and other entrepreneurs from different entrepreneurship summits and training. 

 We struggle for the proper equipment to use in carrying out our activities. It would be more helpful to have a Centre where we can access machinery and also conduct training for vulnerable youths and adolescent girls.

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