Dan BenniMix

As a result of research, we did in 2017 in Moyamba district; we decided to start producing healthy baby food at a reasonable cost for children in our village and surrounding villages to solve the issue of malnourishment and poor growth of babies within my community.

One of the main causes of malnutrition in children in Sierra Leone is the unavailability of nutritious baby food at a low-cost rate.

To solve the issue of malnourishment in Moyamba, I came up with this innovative idea when I realized that mothers in my community are not giving their children nutritious baby food and do not know the correct baby food that will make their kids grow well.

We validate the solution viability with the feedback from the customers and also from the UNDP Accelerator`s Women and Youth Program.

We are presently Producing for customers within the environs of Moyamba and we aim to scale up, so we can manufacture and distribute our product nationwide.

Our biggest win is to save the lives of children from malnutrition and take Dan BenniMix to the doorstep of consumers and customers that need it at a reasonable cost. 

Our biggest challenge is to meet the needs of customers within and outside Moyamba district.

We need a factory equipped with machines that can enhance the ability to produce international standard baby food and also to distribute our product nationwide. 

We believe local producers and entrepreneurs can solve the challenges we faced in our communities, but this can only be done with everyone’s assistance and support. 

Access to quality machines and equipment to enhance healthy and standard production of Baby food within the region would be significant to have in the region.

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