Dr. Sulaiman Lakoh of Sulryka’s Investment

Dr. Sulaiman Lakoh is the Founder of Sulryka’s Investment. He holds a Membership from the West African College of Physicians, a Master of Public Health from Texila American University, a Certificate in Clinical Management of HIV from University of Washington and various certifications on entrepreneurship from Young African Leaders Initiative. As a Specialist Physician with background in Infectious Diseases including “One Health”, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring that high quality clinical services are maintained in the management of patients with communicable diseases in Sierra Leone. He provides technical assistance and consultancy services for the National HIV, TB and Infection Prevention and Control Programmes.

Dr. Lakoh has the ability to initiate ideas. One of the numerous ideas he has initiated is the concept on the generation of the organic fertilizer using thousands of tons from organic waste.

He is a focused individual and has a strong drive towards providing jobs and improving the lives of people in communities. This is a major reason for his decision to enter into entrepreneurship. He believes that this will help the country in solving its numerous socioeconomic challenges.

Dr. Lakoh’s strength lies in his leadership qualities. He is very intelligent, hardworking, amiable, trustworthy, conscientious and highly resourceful with adequate motivation for entrepreneurship. Dr.Lakoh exhibits professionalism in his demeanor and exudes good communication and interpersonal skills, effectively relating with customers, colleagues, and investors. He is respectful, inquisitive, pays attention to details and eager to engage in the process of innovative investment.

His business is registered with nearly two years of operations. It has a land space of 2.5 acres, a shed and a farm house at Goodman Fakai, Off Newton, Western Rural under its One Health Services project. Supporting structures such as store, farm house, electricity and water generating services have been installed. It has a capable project management team. Presently we have 1,500 chicks in our farm, 7 goats, 1 sheep and two acres of vegetable farm.

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