Franklyn Koroma- Udat Personal Security Device

  1. What’s your start-up business 30second elevator pitch

Sierra Innovation Labs is a private limited company committed to design and develop solution to problems and the manufacturing and production of affordable and user friendly products/services that will help solve community problems, laying more emphasis on the sustainable development goals.

We have recently design and developmed the Udat personal security device which is low cost, user-friendly, and reliable. It sences, detects, scare off Intruders and instantly calls the owner’s mobile phone at any distance before any suspicious activity or break-in

  1. Problem/need

There are over 500 burglary and robbery cases and more than Le 100,000,000 worth of goods and valuables stolen every year (C.I.D. report 2019)

lack of affordable an way to get instant information during any suspicious activity or break-in into places were valuables are kept such as homes, shops, offices and warehouse/stores and also existing personal security devices in the market are difficult to use and maintain by the majority of Sierra Leoneans

Customers Pain point

(a) overwhelming sense of insecurity.

(b) loss of lives and properties.

  1. How did i come up with the idea for the business

In the mount Auroel community where I lived in freetown there are lot of house and shop break-in especially during the raining seasons so in the month of May 2019 I researched, design and developed five rechargable motion sensor security light for my close door neighbors and i. that detect and scare Intruders at night

Because of the high rate of burglary cases and people needed a more affordable and friendly solution that will help them monitor their properties remotely. I finally design and developed the Udat personal security device that works on GSM network which is easily accessible by the majority of Sierra Leoneans.

  1. How did I validate that this solution is viable

After several interviews and suggestions from potential customers facing these problems. They clearly outlined  that getting Instant information remotely and a customized loud sound to scare off an intruder immediately before or during any suspicious Activities will greatly help the owner take the nessessery actions to further protect his or her property easily.

The minimum vaiable product features of the Udat device includes

(a) PIR sensor that detects Intruders within 4 to 5 meters.

(b) uses a GSM network that communicate remotely from any distance which can be easily use by the majority of our Target uses and works with all type of mobile phones.

(c) minimum battery life of 8 hrs which is rechargable.

  1. Our Present stage and what’s next

We are presently working on the product market fit stage where an MVP varsion of the product is being constantly tested by different segment of potential customers and we’re getting realistic feedback from them so that we can finally finish up the design and manufacturing of the final product for the market

We are also finalizing our Business stratigies such as our business registration, value preposition, key partners, distribution channels, cost structure and revenue streams. that will easily enable us to provide valuable and sustainable product and services to our different terget users in the most appropriate way to suit their comfort. and also keep the business alive and running

  1. The biggest win we have had so far

100% of the 200 users that has tested our MPV had commended the effectiveness and comparability of our product with the existing market in Sierra Leone.

We have already received expression of interest and traction from many of our Target markets within Freetown.

(a) household dwellers – 800 pcs

(b) shops/offices.          – 500 pcs

(c) warehouses/stores  -100 pcs

(d) security Agencies.    -100 pcs

  1. Biggest challenge I have overcome as a start-up founder

Clearly understanding our potential customers the problems they’re facing and the solution that best fit their problem

  1. Needs to grow and take it to the next level.

(a) the business start-up capital

(b) partnerships with Telecommunication Companies and manufacturing Companies in China

  1. My take on the local start-up scean and the entrepreneurial community? What has been helpful.

The local start-up ecosystem in Sierra Leone is professionally involving young people into entrepreneurship with the right mentorship and skills.

I have successfully gone through a six month Entrepreneurship and Innovation training which was organised and sponsored by the UNDP Accelerator Lab in partnership with Innovation SL, Freetown Pitch Night, and Limkokwing University. This training has help me with the right skills to accelerate my business and further develop my product to meet manufacturing and market standards.

  1. As an entrepreneur what do I think Will be helpful in this region

Local entrepreneurs especially those involved in product development have lot of chanllanges Therefore it will be more helpful to have Labs in stratigic areas Within the country that will accelerate the designing and manufacturing of their product to meet production and market standards.

Email:  sierrainnovationlabs(at)

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