How to produce fresh fruit and vegetable in your living room

Samuel Mattia`s dream is to produce fruit all year round and anywhere you are, even in your living room.

How it all started; Born in a country known for its fertile agriculture land, he grew interest in innovative and sustainable agricultural approaches and became the first university students to have engaged in soilless cultivation in Sierra Leone before graduating from Njala university with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Agricultural Engineer.

Mattia embark on the journey to increase the provision of sustainable access to nutritional benefits associated with the consumption of fruits and vegetables in urban areas.

The challenge in his green journey is the low level of production of fresh fruits and vegetables in urban cities where the availability of agricultural land is scarce.His solution in addressing this challenge is called Hydroponics, growing of crops without the use of soil and with minimal use of land.

This idea is ecofriendly and subjected to controlled environment with all nutritional benefits, and can enhance increase in the production of crops and vegetables in urban cities.

He won the United Nations Development Program`s Social Good Summit (SGS) competition with his innovative climate smart solution and also completed the UNDP Accelerator Lab program that was tailored to equipped him with the required skills to launch and manage a successful business enterprise.Support Samuel Mattia crowdfunding campaign, click

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