Architectural Modelling

Tell us about your startup/business. What’s your 30 second elevator pitch?  

BUNDU Architectural Modelling is a company that is mainly focuses on Architectural 3D modelling for building and construction. Models are an efficient design tool for three-dimensional understanding of a structure, space or form, used by architects for exterior and interior designs, we stand to create the solution between clients and Architects in building and construction to see a real tangible 3D model of a building in a 3D modelling scale before it is built, which gives the client a clear understanding of how his or her building would look like. This offer is going to be a cost recovery for the unique purpose it will saves the clients, because this can make you relax in any building project you are about to take. 

What need or problem are you solving?

The misunderstanding between clients and Architects that leads to high mistakes which will result to lots of loss of materials after construction.

How did you come up with the idea for the business?

After I model my first three bed room duplex structure, anyone who saw it will tell me that am the one who is going to do their  3dDModelling House, so therefore, Seeing your building in a 3D modelling form before the real building is constructed, this will ease and gives the clients a clear understanding of how the structure would look like in the future, therefore, most would like to see there project in 3D Modelling before the real structure, hence there is a demand for it, therefore, I thought it fit that it is going to be a market demand.

How did you validate that your solution was viable?

After I have discover that Architects, clients and contractors normally have issues in most cases in construction due to misinterpretation of the whole plan. Having discussions with Architects and contractors, that bringing 3D modelling to show how a building would look like before it is built. They confirm it to me that this will create more value in building and construction.

What stage are you at and what’s next?

Through my innovative idea that I have identify to solve the problem between Architects and clients. The UNDP Acceleration Lab identifies my innovation, and I was selected for six months entrepreneurship training at Limkokwing University. So as a startup, in the end of the training I will establish my company to create an impact by solving the issues of architects and clients and also create job opportunity and sustainable development.   

What is the biggest win you’ve had so far?

Architectural scale Modelling is an attractive object that tells you how a particular building would look like before it is built. The idea of bringing 3D modelling in the field of Architecture is so much important that it will ease the misunderstanding of Architects, contractors and clients. 

Meeting with different Architects, contractors and clients showing them sample of my 3D scale modeling, they clearly see the solution it will bring which they said, it really going to be a great help in the field of Architecture.



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