Innovations Axis

Innovations axis is an impact focused Incubator and Accelerator combined with a Co-Working space and Networking Hub, Innovations Axis’ mission is to enable and empower entrepreneurs to solve problems with potential for disruption, impact and scale.

Innovations Axis has a team of experienced, accomplished, with proven track record individuals, partners that understand startups, early stage, and middle stage growth. Our founders, service providers and mentoring partners have extensive local and international networks and experience in diverse industries including ICT, agribusiness, sales and distribution, enterprise, innovation leadership and management, mobile payments, social entrepreneurship, healthcare, internet-based services, fisheries, telecommunications and multimedia, We have worked in small, medium and large organizations and have started more than one business – and can look back at at least one failure.

With experience from the start-up scene in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, Innovations Axis draws on best practices, alliances, partnerships, investors and mentors to help start or grow your business. For seed stage, start-ups and growth stage enterprises who need start-up services, acceleration and pre and post investment, Innovations Axis provides a hub, meeting place, the tools, networks, organizations and companies to nurture, develop and grow your idea/business. Our network of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and mentors can look at your business plan and tell you what it will take to succeed.

Innovations Axis is a part of Innovation SL which, together with GEN SL, form a community harnessing the creativity, talents and resources of stakeholders to birth, incubate and scale-up unlikely and exponential technologies with high IMPACT solutions to development challenges. Our focus is on Agribusiness (e.g. Hydroponics, Greenhouse Agri, Value chains), the Circular Economy (waste to wealth), Digital Disruptive technologies (Edtech, Fintech, Agtech, Digital Agri) and Social Entrepreneurship.

Innovations Axis ultimate goal is to provide the space and support for local talents to lead the change they desire in their society/community through creative home-grown solutions.


Our task is that of creating inclusive and sustainable wealth in Sierra Leone by supporting early stage entrepreneurs and building the foundations of the digital ecosystem.

With sister organisations GEN SL[1] and Innovation SL, Innovations Axis forms a community harnessing the creativity, talents and resources of diverse stakeholders to birth, incubate and scale up unlikely technological solutions to development issues with high IMPACT.

Innovations Axis is Sierra Leone’s first fully functioning incubator, with programs (Incubation and Acceleration) framed on 5 Containers/Stages:

  1. Formation;
  2. Validation;
  3. Scaling;
  4. Growth; and
  5. Exit.

Innovation Axis use a combination of tools and methodologies to move entrepreneurs from Ideation to Growth, using the Startup Commons Framework

Our vision is of an entrepreneurial ecosystem where Sierra Leone’s largest companies interact with ambitious entrepreneurs hungry for success; with talented individuals, graduates and alumni of entrepreneurial organizations providing a strong source of ‘cultural and intellectual capital’. All fueled by highly-networked and experienced mentoring and capital supported by our incubator and accelerator.

[1] The Global Entrepreneurship Network is a year-round platform of programs and initiatives aimed at creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem. GEN helps people in 170 countries unleash their ideas and turn them into promising new ventures—creating jobs, accelerating innovation and strengthening economic stability around the world. GEN Sierra Leone’s mission is to galvanize, organize, support and energize a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that will support the growth of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone.  GEN SL aims to give every potential entrepreneur in Sierra Leone the opportunity to start a business, and to help established entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

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