Business Summary: Maabis is a clothing company that offers unique and high-quality services on tailored made suits, customized ready to wear corporate attires that meet modern design and culture. We do generate our revenue from the sales of ready to wear attires to either individuals or businesses.

Our high-quality fabrics are sourced within Sierra Leone and sub-region at wholesale price in order to take advantage of bulk purchase discount and hence reduction in material cost but quality remains the same. We source from 10 vendors in 4 countries and goods are inspected, monitored and tracked from date of purchased to date of receipt.

Our 30 seconds elevator pitch “Maabis is a clothing company that designs customized ready wear attires with high quality fabric, bright colors and professional stitches to the doorstep of middle income earners who do not have time to sort their clothes due to their busy schedules.”

We are making available unique and quality customized ready to wear corporate attires to the doorstep of the working class that do not have enough time to sort their wears for special occasions and work.

Maabis is a passion driven start -up as a result of my desire to see people well dressed and the opportunity to contribute to society.

My solution tends to be viable due to the repeated client orders.

We are in our growth stage and my vision is transforming a startup business to a household brand.

Our biggest win is this business being the source of livelihood for 10 employees.

Building a dedicated and committed team that can deliver the Maabis way is the biggest challenge.

To grow and take this business to the next level, we need more technical and financial  support to transform the  business to a profitable venture.

Local start -up is very challenging, especially if the community you are serving already has a trusted brand they believe. So, start-ups really need to do more to disrupt the market to cause a switch to their brand. Therefore, It’s advisable for young entrepreneurs to take the forefront in proffering solutions for our local needs and also impacting many lives through job creations

It would be more helpful to have more factories in this part of the world that can transform our raw materials to finished products rather than exporting our raw materials and importing finished products

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