Maputo Startup Week is here, and this year’s mission is clear: to address the challenges that are stifling the growth of Mozambique’s innovation ecosystem. Under the theme “Sustaining Prosperity through Innovation Ecosystems”, the event aims to catalyze a collective effort to promote innovation, bridge gaps and strengthen the local business landscape. Mozambique has immense untapped potential, but faces critical obstacles to realizing its innovation-driven future. Key roles remain unfilled, connections between ecosystem actors are fragmented and the absence of essential grassroots organizations impedes progress. These challenges require urgent attention to propel Mozambique on its path to innovation and sustainability.

Key Details:

Date: November 13-19
Location: Maputo City

Why participate in Maputo Startup Week 2023:

1. Solve critical ecosystem challenges: We are bringing together all stakeholders in the startup and innovation ecosystem in Mozambique. By discussing and sharing ideas, we aim to address critical issues and collectively create solutions to the challenges facing our ecosystem.

2. Connect with Key Actors: Maputo Startup Week provides a unique platform for actors from various sectors, including entrepreneurs, investors, government representatives and sector experts, to connect, collaborate and establish partnerships.

3. Learn and Grow: Gain insights from provocative speakers, attend hands-on workshops, and enter pitch competitions. Acquire actionable strategies to elevate your startup or project.

4. Celebrate Innovation: Celebrate Maputo’s innovative spirit with networking sessions, a closing party and happy hour events. Enjoy the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of our city’s startup community.

Unlike other conferences, Maputo Startup Week is a highly personalized immersion, focused on the experience and what you can take home. You will experience the future instead of just listening passively. You’ll participate in personalized workshops with your team, rather than participating in limited takeaways. You will have access to downloadable presentations instead of taking your own notes.

About Maputo Startup Week:

Maputo Startup Week is an annual event that celebrates entrepreneurship and innovation in Maputo, Mozambique. Our mission is to promote a sustainable and prosperous environment for startups, bringing together key players to collaborate, share ideas and inspire change to strengthen local innovation ecosystems and map the ecosystem’s key players. Join us to shape the future of innovation in Mozambique.

Pre-registration open!

We invite all interested parties, from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned investors, to join us at Maputo Startup Week 2023. Together, we can address the gaps in Mozambique’s innovation ecosystem and unlock its unlimited potential.

To pre-register and obtain more information about the event, visite Pré-Inscrição 

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