Operation Clean My Community promotes environmental responsibility and community engagement through regular community clean-up initiatives. This project aims to create a clean, healthy, and attractive environment for all residents while also raising awareness about waste management and sustainability.

As a result of the project, long-term behavioral change and a shift towards more sustainable practices are catalyzed. In order to maintain cleanliness and environmental stewardship over time, the Dwarzark Community must raise awareness and build good habits. Proper waste management can reduce hazards and risks, preventing accidents and damages associated with improper waste management.

 It is important to involve community members, local authorities, school authorities, business owners, and other stakeholders in this project. A regular cleaning program, waste management infrastructure, and ongoing monitoring will contribute to the project’s success and benefit the Dwarzark Community for years to come. Besides creating jobs through recycling, the project would empower residents to take ownership of their surroundings and promote proactive involvement in local affairs and decision-making processes. 

“Operation Clean My Community” emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean and tidy environment within the Dwarzark Community in Freetown. Such initiatives hold several significant benefits for both individuals and the community as a whole. A clean environment contributes to better public health by reducing the spread of diseases such as malaria diarrhea and other illnesses. Proper waste disposal and cleanliness help prevent the breeding of pests (mosquito, cockroach, rats) and the build-up of harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. Preventing litter and waste accumulation can help reduce expenses related to waste collection, clean-up efforts, and potential environmental damage.


Regina conducted a survey for the community people and stakeholders in the community, looking at the cause,  its effects and ways they thought it would best solve the problem.

We are currently in the ideation stage and our major win for now is that we have clearly identified what problem we want to solve and already have a specific target market for our service we are providing. However our main challenge lies in having volunteers without any financial support. 

In the next three years, our goal is to expand the project to other communities. To reach the next level, we will require a tricycle as a company asset. The entrepreneurial community is growing, and grants provided for startups and promising ideas have been instrumental in their success in the market. Collaboration among entrepreneurs in various fields to support each other’s growth through partnerships will further enhance the ecosystem. 

In conclusion, this business is owned by a teenager aspiring entrepreneur by the name Regina Kumba Turay and her business idea won the Dear2Aspire junior competition that was organized  by Innovation SL, who was the host for the Global Entrepreneurship Week(GEW) Sierra Leone for the 2023 year’s edition and has always been the host for over the past years. 

If you are reading this and thought it fit that you can support this business in achieving its short and long-term goals, we kindly request that you reach out. Let us collaborate in creating a conducive environment for aspiring and established entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

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