Leaders from 15 African Tech Hubs Selected for Programme to Spur Early-Stage Deal Flow

VilCap Communities Africa will teach investment-readiness techniques to incubators, accelerators and seed funds in sub-Saharan Africa



(Nairobi, Kenya, 23 August 2018) – Leaders of 15 incubators, accelerators and seed funds were selected to participate in VilCap Communities Africa, an innovative programme led by Village Capital to accelerate the flow of capital to early-stage companies in sub-Saharan Africa. The programme is supported by the Impact Programme which is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

The 15 finalists will take part in forums this fall led by Village Capital in Lagos and Nairobi, capped off by a major convening in Cape Town in November, where they will learn and share the latest best practices, including Village Capital’s proprietary curriculum and peer-selected investment process.

Village Capital has run more than fifty investment-readiness programmes across the globe, including eight in sub-Saharan Africa that have directly supported more than 80 entrepreneurs and facilitated 16 seed-stage investments. VilCap Communities Africa will build on this experience to equip entrepreneur ecosystem leaders with the tools, resources and connections they need to catalyze impact investment. Continue reading “Leaders from 15 African Tech Hubs Selected for Programme to Spur Early-Stage Deal Flow”

Sierra Leone entrepreneurship leader wins place on prestigious pan-African program

GEN Sierra Leone has won a place on a prestigious scheme to help solve the problem of Africa’s ‘invisible innovators’.

We are one of 15 elite ‘entrepreneur support organisations’ on the VilCap Communities Africa training programme, selected from hundreds across the continent.

On the programme we will be introduced to the latest thinking in how to help entrepreneurs in our locations flourish and get funding. Without such support, investors could continue to overlook talented African innovators for what they consider safe bets.*

The program starts in Lagos and then tours two of Africa’s other top ‘startup ecosystems’, Nairobi and Cape Town, for inspiration.

*72% of start-up funding in (East) Africa went to just 3 companies in recent years for example (Source: Disrupt Africa), whilst “impact investors see fewer viable, investable opportunities and have difficulty placing capital”


The 5 Ws of an Agribusiness Investment Forum… in Sierra Leone

What is this?
An investment forum that will bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and other diasporas with key roles to play in supporting enterprise development in Sierra Leone to connect, interact, and problem-solve to enhance prospects for development of agribusiness enterprises that can contribute to inclusive growth in Sierra Leone.  A unique group that features our compatriots in the diaspora combined with a rare appearance by a group of Japanese private companies will descend into Sierra Leone.

Preparing for them are Sierra Leone agro-based enterprises (agribusinesses) that have been selected via an independent company and process.  They will offer bankable projects hopefully, to the investors.  The names of those companies will be announced in due time.

Who is doing this?
The IOM with funds from the Government of Japan is sponsoring the exercise and it is being coordinated by two Sierra Leonean consultants hired along with IOM staff to execute on the formation and coordination of the project.  Other participants include some members of the Sierra Leonean diaspora and some private companies from Japan.

Locally run agribusinesses are also part of the puzzle as is the GoSL with the Min. of Trade and Industry, SLIEPA and SMEDA, among others.  The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is also strategically involved.  This is a national event!

Why is the IOM doing this?
IOM believes the Sierra Leone diaspora is an integral and important piece of Sierra Leone’s economic recovery.  Engaging this community is considered critical to national development.  The IOM a migration- and by default diaspora-oriented organization is most suited for this kind of work.

As an added value to the overall intentions of an investment forum, typically, the IOM has incorporated the visit of about ten Japanese private companies who will accompany twelve Sierra Leoneans from the diaspora into the project.

When/Where is this taking place?
The investment forum is scheduled to be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  The dates slated are the 18th and 19th of September, 2018.

How is it being done?
The event itself will be a combination of panel discussions and presentations with a question and answer session that follows.  We will break out into workshops and especially have a speed networking event.  At the end of each day, we will collect, collate and communicate action items that have been committed to.  These will culminate into an action plan that will guide the way forward.  Our hope is that this exercise will help put the private sector on a trajectory for transformation.


Freetown Pitch Night Report Theme: Mayor’s Pitch Night Special

With a focus on managing waste in Freetown, the “Mayor’s Pitch Night Special” held on 1st August, 2018 was an outstanding example of how Freetown’s business community can generate solutions to some of our most pressing problems.

The event was opened by the Chairman of GEN Sierra Leone, Mr. Sheka Forna. He reiterated why Freetown Pitch Night decided to hold the “Mayor Special Pitch Night”.

Under the right conditions, entrepreneurs can have incredible power. They can help regions prosper economically and, as they help engineer innovative solutions to problems and challenges, they can also serve society. Yvonne Aki-Sawyer OBE, Freetown’s new Mayor, won a comprehensive mandate from the  voters of Freetown. This mandate includes job creation for the city’s young people and better waste management. As new and growing businesses represent the principal sources of job creation and innovative activity in an economy,  two factors that generally help raise standards of living for all, municipal authorities across the world are turning to entrepreneurs for ideas to help them address the challenges they face.


Dr. Sulaiman Lakoh of Sulryka’s Investment

Dr. Sulaiman Lakoh is the Founder of Sulryka’s Investment. He holds a Membership from the West African College of Physicians, a Master of Public Health from Texila American University, a Certificate in Clinical Management of HIV from University of Washington and various certifications on entrepreneurship from Young African Leaders Initiative. As a Specialist Physician with background in Infectious Diseases including “One Health”, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring that high quality clinical services are maintained in the management of patients with communicable diseases in Sierra Leone. He provides technical assistance and consultancy services for the National HIV, TB and Infection Prevention and Control Programmes.

Dr. Lakoh has the ability to initiate ideas. One of the numerous ideas he has initiated is the concept on the generation of the organic fertilizer using thousands of tons from organic waste.

He is a focused individual and has a strong drive towards providing jobs and improving the lives of people in communities. This is a major reason for his decision to enter into entrepreneurship. He believes that this will help the country in solving its numerous socioeconomic challenges.

Dr. Lakoh’s strength lies in his leadership qualities. He is very intelligent, hardworking, amiable, trustworthy, conscientious and highly resourceful with adequate motivation for entrepreneurship. Dr.Lakoh exhibits professionalism in his demeanor and exudes good communication and interpersonal skills, effectively relating with customers, colleagues, and investors. He is respectful, inquisitive, pays attention to details and eager to engage in the process of innovative investment.

His business is registered with nearly two years of operations. It has a land space of 2.5 acres, a shed and a farm house at Goodman Fakai, Off Newton, Western Rural under its One Health Services project. Supporting structures such as store, farm house, electricity and water generating services have been installed. It has a capable project management team. Presently we have 1,500 chicks in our farm, 7 goats, 1 sheep and two acres of vegetable farm.


What started as a passion for looking at different alternative solutions into ways in which we can transform our waste generated into better use , instead of just disposing of it anyhow more especially in the street  , has now been turned into a full time business, according to the founder and CEO of SHAE Recycling Mr. Emmanuel Mac- Boima.

The company which is a family run company started out in the early 2017, when Mr. Mac- Boima started doing research into what are the possibilities and the suitable waste recycling application that could be applied in the Sierra Leone Context.

Few months down the line SHAE Recycling Company Ltd was started with the core activity of doing garbage collection for both domestic (household) and commercial business houses, using the back yard of a residential house as it base of operation / office. Due to patience and perseverance the company is now planning to move into a new office space at No 7 Spur Road next to the Lebanese Embassy, with better working tools and a spacious operations works yard.

Furthermore the company which is now in collaboration with CCAYEN-SL Investment (Community Children and Youth Empowerment Network Sierra Leone Investment) which is based in Kenema and also involved in the waste recycling business, jointly have started experimenting and will begin mass production of the following recycled products using recycling applications, so please put in your order now as the first batch of our products will be ready shortly in the coming weeks;

Pavement Bricks – The recycling of waste plastic into pavement bricks that can be used in home construction, or the construction of the street sidewalks.

Converting Used Tires into Furniture’s; this could be used in our tourism sector to beautify our hotels and restaurants

Bio Charcoal and Eco Stove; This could also help in serving as an alternative way of cooking instead of using cooking gas , because this is a much cheaper option , it is odor less, smokeless, burns for long red hot and environmentally friendly.

For more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact us;

7 Spur Road, next to Lebanese Embassy

www.shaerecycling.sl / info@shaerecycling.sl

+23278 883 113 / +232 78 55 44 27 / +232 76 601 446