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MIT to Award $1 Million to Inclusive Innovators

The second annual MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) will award more than $1 million to “heroes of the digital economy” − organizations that are using technology to reinvent the future of work and create a more equitable economy. For-profit and non-profit organizations of any size, age, type, and nationality are encouraged to apply. GEN is partnering … Read moreMIT to Award $1 Million to Inclusive Innovators

Tech startup founders working 80-hour weeks vulnerable to health and relationship problems, research shows

Starting your own business might help you escape the drudgery of the 9-5 grind, but it comes at a cost. At the mercy of 80-hour working weeks, startup founders say the pressures of making it alone are crippling their mental health and eroding relationships, according to new research. More from Th e Independent

Startup Huddle

Startup Huddle is a free, monthly program designed to educate, engage and connect entrepreneurs. Every month entrepreneurs come together to pitch their startup, reveal challenges and crowdsource solutions. From local founders, innovators, educators and investors to a global network of entrepreneurial leaders, Startup Huddle provides a unique platform to strengthen your startup community. Developed at … Read moreStartup Huddle

Lack of an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Sierra Leone

The question is why in 2017, we lack all the elements of an ecosystem that support entrepreneurship.
An entrepreneurship ecosystem “refers to the elements – individuals, organizations or institutions – outside the individual entrepreneur that are conducive to, or inhibitive of, the choice of a person to become an entrepreneur, or the probabilities of his or her success following launch. (wiki)
To answer this question, one needs to define two forms of entrepreneurship; rent seeking entrepreneurship and value creating entrepreneurship. In particular, rent seeking provides a good explanation as to why we lack a basic ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone.

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