Report: Freetown Pitch Night- December 6th 2017 Venue: 232, Lumley Beach.

The theme for the December 6th  Freetown Pitch Night was “Design for Development ”.

For the very first time, the Freetown Pitch Night had 5 students to pitch their business ideas. The students were from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. All five will be graduating in 2019. Four of the students were from the faculty of Architecture and Design and one from the Faculty of Communication Media and Broadcasting.

The Guest Speaker was Francis Stevens George, Acting MD of GEN SL stepping in the absence of the scheduled speaker.

Mr. George focused on the value of having students contemplating starting their own businesses while still in college. He emphasized why it is important to provide the Freetown Pitch Night as a platform for students to present their ideas. He gave examples of successful business across the globe that were started by students while still in school or college.

He also reminded the audience that the students where presenting their ideas; that none of them have yet to established a company. He expressed gratitude that several members of the audience gave valuable advise to the students.

After the event, all the students made valuable contacts, some of which have resulted in concentrate proposals to further develop one idea and to commission products from two of the students.

Innovation SL is assisting two of the students to validate the assumptions on which they based their business idea and to write an executive summary.

Below is a summary of the business ideas for each of the students[1].

Cherry and Skinny Innovation

“Plastic Paint”

Paint is just as important in Sierra Leone as in other parts of the world. In Sierra Leone demand has grown year on year due to the construction boom in household, business centres, restaurants, hotels and office buildings. However, the value of our current paint brands is greatly challenged especially with Sierra Leone’s climate condition.

It is in this regard that  Cherry and Skinny innovation has developed the idea of plastic paints, a chemistry of plastics and paint that they believe would curb many of the ineffectiveness of our current paint brands. Plastic Paint is  highly resistant against our weather conditions, brighter permanent colour; and in addition  it can also cover wall cracks and creates a smooth and level surface with superb texture.

He believes this would not only revolutionize the painting sector, but would also impact on our environment reducing plastic wastes in our country and provide employment opportunities.

Abdulai Mohamed Kargbo



The Waste to Wealth Sector is still unexploited. Chernor’s idea of recycling plastics into every day household products and furnitures. Not only would it curb the issue of too much plastics but also would create a business opportunity and employment.



+232 77600441/+23278772357


The need to preserve and monitor our activities in the physical environment has become imperative as there are growing preferences on recycling, monitoring wastes and other substances that would impinge on life’s sustainability. However, for TIMAP Green their strategy of going green has being intertwined with architecture and Design.

TIMAP GREEN collects unwanted materials and substances like tyres, plastics, tree logs etc. and converts them into fashionable unique products that can change the landscape and designs of various location. The finished products can be chairs, sofas, tables or artefacts.

This priceless idea does not only solve the problem of unwanted materials and substances but it also distinctively provides business opportunity in the Architecture and Design industry.



Ceasers Fish Farming

The demand for fish cannot be met with current supply. One of the reasons is that most of the supply is through the normal fishing method, which is proven inadequate. This shortage has increased the price and even its availability of fish.

Caesar’s Fish Framing idea, would be one of its first in this part of the country, and he believes that this would supplement the fish availability, comparatively at a cheaper price than what is available in the market.

He would be mainly farming Tilapia fish, which he referred to as being very prolific (reproduces excessively) and thus would create a viable business opportunity for him.

He also would build fish ponds in residential properties in order to provide the residents own supply, while increasing the aesthetic value of their environment.

Murray Caesar koroma

+232 76491456

This was the last Pitch event for 2017. We thank you for your support in attending and spreading the word. We will have a break January and will resume in February. In  March 2018, we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of Freetown Pitch Night. More information will follow on our programs from February to June 2018.

We wish to thank our main sponsor- Mützig; our partners, Cordaid, Sensi Tech Hub and Innovation SL.

About the Freetown Pitch Night

Freetown Pitch Night is a night which provides budding entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone the opportunity to pitch their post revenue business. At pitch night entrepreneurs provide a holistic view of their business to a vibrant Sierra Leonean entrepreneur community allowing them to market their business, solicit feedback, advice and potential partnerships.

Francis Stevens George

Francis Stevens George
Acting MD, (GEN Sierra Leone
Founder and CEO Innovation SL (Limited)

For more information and feedback:, +232 (0)78 300832, +232 (0)77 05 1821


Freetown Pitch Night Team

Mr. Sheka Forna-Chair GEN SL Board
Emile Fanday(Host)
Umaru K Bah
Alfred Navo
Salia Fawundu (Host)

If you wish to partner with Freetown Pitch Night, please send an email to or

[1] All the presentations of the students are available as PDF upon request and subject to permission from the student.

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