Resilient in Empowerment and Advocacy for Life Skills-Sierra Leone (REAL-SL)

Resilient Empowerment and Advocacy for Life Skills-Sierra Leone (REAL-SL)
Motto: Service for the general good

Resilient in Empowerment and Advocacy for Life skills (REAL) is a Community Base Organization that was established in December 2019, in Bombali District.
Its membership is made up of young people who are determined to make a change through education, sensitization, psychosocial counseling, self-esteem hangout and health activities.
REAL is primarily working with deprived, excluded and vulnerable girls and women.
Since its inception, it has been seeking for partnership with like-minded and donor organizations that will support the ideals of which REAL was formed.
Our strategy is to work with school girls and local community women, by providing capacity building, sensitization and awareness raising on health related issues, so that they can be positive women and young girls who can actualize their full potential that will bring a greater change in their communities and the nation as a whole.

• To empower young women and girls to realize their full potential and dignity.
• To educate and sensitize young people, especially women and girls on health related issues.
• To mobilize, coordinate support and resources for women, for self-reliant and empowerment.
• To build our potential via pillars of education, mentorship and enhancing self-esteem.
• To be positive peers that will bring greater change in their communities and the nation as a whole.
• To build the next generation with health minded women and girls
• To build the capacity of women and girls for sustainable development.

Living in a transformed society in which everybody enjoys the benefit of a healthy life and fully participate in governance and development.

Exist to effectively advocate and raise awareness to society on young women and girl’s empowerment. Develop sustainable programs to ensure the protection, promotion of different skills to the fulfillment of the organizational dream and goal.

We have been faced with numerous challenges but the most of it all is funding.


  • Child Protection
  • Gender Base Violence and Prevention
  • Education
  • Health
  • Livelihood (Women and Youths)
  • Sponsorship
    CHIEFDOMS OF OPERATION: Makarie and Bombali Shebora
    TARGET GROUPS: Children, Youths and Women

• In Sierra Leone, where most women use Sanitary pads in Urban areas, but 70% use cloths to manage their menstrual hygiene, especially in rural communities.
• As a result of poor Menstrual flow management, 1.5 million women and girls are held back and miss out on opportunities afforded to their male contemporaries. In Sierra Leone (especially in rural communities) women use cloths to collect menstrual blood.
• On a survey we carried on most said disposal pads cause itching, and can traditionally be used to bewitch people (black magic)
• We are almost every month on bubby job, seeking for mini grant so we can afford
• We will raise awareness to 100,000 adolescent girls, menstruating women, traditional leaders and parents.

NO. Sierra Leone is a place where startups are not always supported and that is how many people with amazing dreams have abandoned those dreams.
How do you plan to handle that?
• We are closely working with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) that has promise to support and UNDP has faithfully promise of a partnership between us.
• Also, we have been tapping into opportunities that calls for writing of mini grants
• Sales to local NGOS and Schools

Despite us having people who are skilled in tailoring but we don’t have our machines to enable them achieve the reusable pads projects. Meanwhile, the few skilled are ready to train others so as to also help create employment for women.

• Distributions of pads to girls who can’t readily afford.
• Raise community awareness about Coronavirus disease prevention
• Girls to Girls mentorship with our school club members
• To contribute in solving the aforementioned problems, we intend to undertake the following activities:
• Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a private hospital (Mabenteh Community Hospital Mabema) and AHF to provide antenatal clinic for pregnant girls, contraceptives and provision of HIV/AIDs anti recto viral drugs to girls with such medical condition.
• Again, to engage in radio simulcast, to raise awareness of girls and encourage them to always visit health facilities to access sexual reproductive health information
• Distribute items such as sanitary pads, condoms and toiletries to girls
• Create a safe space for every girl with mental health and psychological trauma.

Address: 1B Bintu Lane, Makeni,S/L.
Tele: +232(0)78033655

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