Arnold Caulker, the founder of Arnold’s Renewable Energy SL Limited. In 2020, Sierra Leone faced a significant challenge with electricity access, with only 26.2% of the population having access to electricity, and a mere 6% in rural areas. To address this issue and combat the environmental concerns associated with gasoline generators.


Our mission is to to introduce a low-frequency inverter generator powered by renewable energy sources such as sunlight and wind. Through our innovative low-frequency inverter generator, we aim to reduce air and noise pollution, contribute to the fight against global warming, and offer constant, uninterrupted power to our customers, even in the face of fuel price fluctuations and shortages.


Our vision is to become a leading provider of clean and affordable energy solutions in Sierra Leone. We envision a future where every household and business can access dependable electricity, free from the constraints of traditional generators. Through our products, we aim to improve the quality of life for our customers while preserving the environment for generations to come.

Arnold’s Renewable Energy SL Limited is dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of global warming and the lack of reliable electricity access in Sierra Leone. Our innovative low-frequency inverter generator, powered by renewable energy sources, offers a sustainable alternative to traditional generators. With a focus on environmental protection, reliability, and affordability, we aim to make clean electricity accessible to all. Join us on this journey to a greener, brighter future. We are committed to making our products accessible to nearly everyone by offering them at an affordable price of $70 per every 300 watts. To further advance our innovative solution and produce it in larger quantities with different wattages, we seek a minimum investment of $2,500. In our journey to combat global warming, we have reached the prototype stage, with the successful development of the low-frequency inverter generator. Our primary challenges have been financial constraints and the need to expand our market size and product packaging. Mentorship has played a crucial role in our entrepreneurial journey, and we believe that financial support will be instrumental in propelling us forward.

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