In the heart of Sierra Leone, where the use of firewood for cooking prevails, a silent but deadly threat has been emerging over both rural and urban communities. Indoor pollution, coming from the burning of firewood, has been quietly claiming lives and affecting the health of countless individuals. However, hope has arrived in the form of biogas, a sustainable domestic energy source generated from organic waste.

Our Mission

Our company, led by visionary entrepreneur Joshua Kanu, is on a mission to combat the alarming increase in deaths caused by indoor pollution in Sierra Leone. By harnessing the power of biogas technology, we are bringing a breath of fresh air to these communities, quite literally.

Validation Through Research

To ensure the effectiveness of our solution, we embarked on a research journey, focusing on areas like Bilor Village and other rural communities. The results were rolling, confirming the alarming need for our intervention. Indoor pollution is a national crisis, especially in rural communities, and our solution holds the promise of transformation.

Locally Accessible Sustainability

One of our core strengths lies in sustainability. We have strategically sourced materials that are readily available within the local ecosystem, reducing our environmental footprint while boosting the local economy.

Prototyping Progress

Currently, we are at the prototype design stage. This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards cleaner, safer cooking solutions for Sierra Leone.

Our Wins and Challenges

Our journey has been marked by notable achievements, such as securing a suitable site and acquiring essential materials. However, our biggest challenge lies in securing the necessary funding to scale our operations and reach more communities in need.

The Key to Growth: Flexibility and Learning

For us to progress and make a lasting impact, adaptability and a thirst for knowledge are important and paramount. We understand that the path to success may be long and relentless, but we remain hopeful and driven.

Building Belief in Our Vision

As an entrepreneur, one of our greatest challenges is convincing others to believe in our vision when immediate financial returns are not yet evident. However, we are steadfast in our purpose and remain open to Desktop 1 potential investors who share our commitment to change.

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