What started as a passion for looking at different alternative solutions into ways in which we can transform our waste generated into better use , instead of just disposing of it anyhow more especially in the street  , has now been turned into a full time business, according to the founder and CEO of SHAE Recycling Mr. Emmanuel Mac- Boima.

The company which is a family run company started out in the early 2017, when Mr. Mac- Boima started doing research into what are the possibilities and the suitable waste recycling application that could be applied in the Sierra Leone Context.

Few months down the line SHAE Recycling Company Ltd was started with the core activity of doing garbage collection for both domestic (household) and commercial business houses, using the back yard of a residential house as it base of operation / office. Due to patience and perseverance the company is now planning to move into a new office space at No 7 Spur Road next to the Lebanese Embassy, with better working tools and a spacious operations works yard.

Furthermore the company which is now in collaboration with CCAYEN-SL Investment (Community Children and Youth Empowerment Network Sierra Leone Investment) which is based in Kenema and also involved in the waste recycling business, jointly have started experimenting and will begin mass production of the following recycled products using recycling applications, so please put in your order now as the first batch of our products will be ready shortly in the coming weeks;

Pavement Bricks – The recycling of waste plastic into pavement bricks that can be used in home construction, or the construction of the street sidewalks.

Converting Used Tires into Furniture’s; this could be used in our tourism sector to beautify our hotels and restaurants

Bio Charcoal and Eco Stove; This could also help in serving as an alternative way of cooking instead of using cooking gas , because this is a much cheaper option , it is odor less, smokeless, burns for long red hot and environmentally friendly.

For more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact us;

7 Spur Road, next to Lebanese Embassy /

+23278 883 113 / +232 78 55 44 27 / +232 76 601 446


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