In the bustling city, where every drop of rain brings both relief and chaos, a young student’s encounter with flooded streets and plastic waste sparked an innovative idea. As she rushed to attend her lecture during the rainy season, the dire situation inspired her to think of an active technology that could detect and mitigate flooding. Little did she know that this simple idea would evolve into a game-changing startup venture.

 Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to revolutionize flood management in disaster-prone areas through innovative and sustainable solutions. We are committed to repurposing plastic waste into versatile flood walls, retaining walls, and damp-proof membranes, fortified with smart sensors to detect water levels and provide timely alarms to protect lives and properties. By combining environmental conservation with cutting-edge technology, we aim to transform flood management, empower communities, and create a safer and more resilient future for vulnerable regions.”


Vision Statement:

“Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable flood management solutions, driving positive change in disaster-prone areas worldwide. Through our pioneering plastic waste bricks and sensor-based alarm system, we envision a world where floods no longer devastate communities, and plastic waste finds a new purpose, reducing environmental impact. We aspire to create a ripple effect of transformation, inspiring other innovators and businesses to tackle environmental and social challenges, fostering a greener and safer planet for generations to come.”

The Birth of an Idea:

Crowded under the shelter, waiting for the waterlogged streets to dry, our aspiring innovator contemplated the possibility of her vision. She dreamt of a system that could detect impending floods, empowering communities to take timely actions. Uncertain but determined, she embarked on a journey to turn her idea into reality.

Seeking Validation:

Realizing that she wasn’t the only one affected, she decided to discuss with her team and the visionary decided to seek validation for her idea. Conducting surveys and engaging with the community, the responses they received were overwhelming. Many praised her solution as a novel and much-needed step towards tackling the perennial problem of flooding.

Nurturing the Idea:

Fuelled by the encouraging responses, our aspiring entrepreneur began nurturing her idea. From incubation to concept refinement, each step brought her closer to turning her vision into a tangible prototype. Every milestone achieved was celebrated as a significant victory, paving the way for the next stage.

Present Ventures and Future Plans:

Currently, the startup has reached crucial stages in its development journey, including B.M.C, P.S.F .C, and P.D.C. Armed with determination, the team is now gearing up to move forward to the M.V.P/prototype stage, where the real magic will unfold.

Challenges and Support:

Despite their unwavering enthusiasm, the startup faces several challenges. Access to capital remains a pressing concern, hindering the full execution of their ambitious plans. Additionally, they seek partnerships, mentorship, and training to refine their approach and enhance their impact.

A Flourishing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

Encouragingly, the entrepreneurial ecosystem has expanded, creating fertile ground for startups to flourish. Key players like the Innovation Axis, Innovation SL, TURTLE (incubation and acceleration programs), and the UNDP have stepped up, offering mentorship platforms to nurture young startups’ potential.


As the rain continues to fall, our student-turned-entrepreneur is steadfast in her mission to create a flood-free future. Armed with an innovative solution, the startup’s journey is set to inspire and empower countless others to take charge and tackle environmental challenges with determination and creativity


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