SL PUMP SYSTEM (Salone Pump).

A pump for drinking water and limited use for irrigating gardens.The SL-PUMP is a direct action pump developed in SierraLeone. It uses a simple pumping principle. It consists of two PE-pipes (diameter approx. 5 cm) put into one another, one slightly larger than the other. At the bottom of each pipe is a non-return valve (stones). A metal pipe with a T-fitting serves as handle of the pump. Both sides of the T has a blind nipple and a discharge nipple with elbow downward. A hose can be attached to this outlet so that water can be transported away from the pump up to 250m.


All components are made from commercially available materials, using two stones, simple PVC pipes, thread adapters and (galvanized) iron pipe, available in any hardware store.


The installation of the SL PUMP is easy and does not need any lifting equipment or special tools. The pumps are generally installed in boreholes drilled with the EMAS-Concept of drilling.Can be built and repaired by users themselves. Very cheap (less than one tenth of the EMAS pump in Bolivia)


Rural people are easily taught to build their own, Having built their own pump, people are able to maintain it forever. Only basic hand tools required.The building of a pump takes approx. 3 hours.

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