Startup Genome, GEN Launch 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — May 9, 2019 — Startup Genome’s highly anticipated 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) has launched today at The Next Web Conference. The report (#GSER2019), from Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), is the world’s most comprehensive and widely-read research on startup ecosystems, and offers the very first global ranking of Life Sciences ecosystems, in partnership with Hello Tomorrow. Its findings are based on data from thousands of startup founders and research on over a million companies.

An ongoing effort since 2012, the GSER is the product of a global alliance of over 300 partner organizations working together to understand success factors for startups, scaleups, and startup ecosystems everywhere. 

This year, #GSER2019 looks at trends among startup ecosystems in areas such as funding and talent. It also examines the growth and decline of sub-sectors, both globally and in individual ecosystems. One key finding shows that Deep Tech startups — those relying heavily on intellectual property — are the fastest-growing group globally. The four fastest-growing Startup Sub-Sectors are Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics, Blockchain, Agtech & New Food, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). By contrast, Startup Sub-Sectors showing decline are Edtech, Digital Media, Gaming, and Adtech.

“As our economies transition to the fourth industrial revolution, we — communities driving the global startup revolution — have a major role to play,” said JF Gauthier, Founder and CEO of Startup Genome. “Not only can startup ecosystems act as the top engine of job creation and economic growth, but our startups can also help solve many of our society’s biggest challenges including climate change and inequality.”

Key highlights from the #GSER2019 include:

  • There is no “next” Silicon Valley — instead, there are 30 startup ecosystems around the world that will soon lay claim to a parallel vibrancy and economic productivity.
  • Movement within top 30 ranking: Paris cracked the top 10, moving up two spots to #9 overall; Amsterdam-StartupDelta moved up four spots to #15 overall; San Diego and Washington, D.C. cracked the top 20 for the first time.
  • While early-stage funding for startups has more than doubled since 2011-12, it has risen by a factor of 8 in Agtech & New Food — and quadrupled in AI.


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