Startup Profile: Emily Fanday

I am Emily Fanday and I am 21 years old. I sat to my IGCSE in 2013 and started working immediately after. I worked as a volunteer at Life by Design and later as an intern at IDT LABS where I got employed months after. I have also worked at Go Shop, a business that buys online on behalf of people, and brings the items in the country and at Go Food, a food delivery service. I have done volunteering at Sierra Leone Broadcasting Network, and I have worked in a hotel.

Currently I am managing two of my own businesses (ConNet and Fambul Makit), and at the same time work for a new company in Sierra Leone called Tiermobile SL.

I have a four years’ experience in different business fields.

Apart from work, I have online certificates in Project Management, customer care Service and Market Segmentation on Alison, and I am currently doing a Diploma in Risk Management on the same Website. Alison is a website that offers online courses in different fields and it encourages me to explore in various fields whilst also helping me to manage my time effectively.

I am also currently an ACCA part 1 student at the AI PRO College.

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