Cooltivando: A youth-led initiative that empowers rural families

Cooltivando was founded in 2019, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba (South Brazil). It supports small-holder, family farmers in the management of their produce. The first digital product we launched for validation was the so-called “Field Notebook” (Caderno de Campo, in Portuguese), a digital tool that aimed to support producers to record and keep track … Read moreCooltivando: A youth-led initiative that empowers rural families

SL PUMP SYSTEM (Salone Pump).

A pump for drinking water and limited use for irrigating gardens.The SL-PUMP is a direct action pump developed in SierraLeone. It uses a simple pumping principle. It consists of two PE-pipes (diameter approx. 5 cm) put into one another, one slightly larger than the other. At the bottom of each pipe is a non-return valve … Read moreSL PUMP SYSTEM (Salone Pump).