Transforming lives by providing safe drinking water

As a child, Susan Murcott ’90 SM ’92 saw firsthand the long-term impact that water- and food-borne illness can have on people. At age 16, her maternal grandmother contracted polio, which can be transmitted through direct contact with someone infected with the virus or, occasionally, through contaminated food and water. As a result of the … Read moreTransforming lives by providing safe drinking water

Ibrahim Dainkeh Aqua Tech

1. Tell us about your start-up/business. What’s your 30 second elevator pitch? There are over 700 houses in Sierra Leone with bore holes, well, and water pumps system that uses overhead to store water. One of the biggest problems they all share in common, is the control of overflow that causes water wastage and lack … Read moreIbrahim Dainkeh Aqua Tech

Osman Yaah: Smart- Irrigation technology

Tell us about your startup/business. What’s your 30 second elevator pitch? Auto-smart irrigation system is a company set in providing technological solutions with a smart irrigation system for smart agricultural farming. It is a user-friendly, affordable, efficient irrigation management system and water delivery technology for better water use in agricultural farming. What need or problem … Read moreOsman Yaah: Smart- Irrigation technology

SL PUMP SYSTEM (Salone Pump).

A pump for drinking water and limited use for irrigating gardens.The SL-PUMP is a direct action pump developed in SierraLeone. It uses a simple pumping principle. It consists of two PE-pipes (diameter approx. 5 cm) put into one another, one slightly larger than the other. At the bottom of each pipe is a non-return valve … Read moreSL PUMP SYSTEM (Salone Pump).