Tech startup ecosystem in West Bank and Gaza findings and recommendations

Technology is one of the main drivers of
productivity and economic growth. Developing countries have
traditionally had difficulties in both developing technology
and absorbing foreign technology. However, the recent
emergence of tech startups present an opportunity. Tech
start-ups are an effective a mechanism to both create local
technology and absorb foreign technology. The objective of
this report is to provide a better understanding of the
status of start-up ecosystem in West Bank and Gaza, and
provide policy recommendations for policy makers and other
stakeholders who are interested in supporting the growth and
sustainability of the ecosystem. The report is based on an
in-depth survey of startups and supportive stakeholders of
the ecosystem. The findings point out to an early stage
start-up that is maturing. Skills, supportive
infrastructure, finance pipeline, and community and networks
are examined and gaps are identified. Policy recommendations
to tackle these gaps are presented based on international practices.