At The Company, Dion Cosmetics we are driven by a profound passion for creating value from resources that are often overlooked. We’ve embarked on a journey to upcycle waste cooking oil and other locally sourced oils into hygienic and cleaning products that elevate our nation. Gone are the days when used oils went down the drain, causing harm to our environment. 


 Our mission: It is to harness the potential of used oils, turning them into something more valuable and contributing to the well-being of our community. 


Our vision: is not just the issue of pollution caused by discarded waste oils, but also the need to reduce dependence on imported soaps and hygiene products. By ingeniously crafting soaps and detergents from waste cooking oil, we’re not only using local raw materials to create products of value, but we’re also making strides toward waste reduction.

Our journey began by identifying the vast number of people generating waste oil – a staggering figure. Furthermore, when assessing the potential consumer base for our products, the demand for quality soaps and detergents was overwhelming. This speaks to the immediate need for our products in society.


As we’re in the early stages of production, our current soap output is modest. Our focus is on expanding our reach and customer base. As the founder, I’ve learned that resilience and persistence are the cornerstones of success. Not every door will open initially, but believing in the worth of our idea and consistently pursuing it is paramount.


Our triumphs so far lie in the successful chemical processes we’ve developed, with a keen eye on continual improvement. Our growth strategy is anchored in acquiring advanced equipment and chemicals to scale up production. With this expansion, we aspire to diversify our product line to include a range of cosmetic offerings.


The supportive entrepreneurial community in Sierra Leone, particularly Innovation SL, is a source of pride and motivation. Their belief in our ideas fuels our determination to not only realize our dreams but also contribute to solving community challenges. The resources they’ve provided have been invaluable, encouraging us to break free from the fear of rejection and embrace innovation.


Looking forward, it’s evident that the local entrepreneurial ecosystem requires tailored policies to prioritize homegrown products over foreign alternatives. Creating an environment where locally-made goods take the lead in the market can attract more investors and elevate the potential of local ventures. 

In Conclusion, 

Join us in our mission to transform waste into worth. Connect with us on our social media handles, and let’s build a future where innovation and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

To join hands in shaping a sustainable future and supporting local ingenuity, reach out to us at:

Business Details:

Name: The Company, Dion Cosmetics

Founder: Victor Ikoh

Location: 4 Kanu Drive, CRS, Grafton

Contact: 078553563 / 032987766

Social Media: 

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