There are lots of overlooked products and materials in our planet, screaming re-love, re-use and re-make me, these voices have been heard by tinapgreen.

At tinapgreen we specialize in upcycling and repurposing objects and materials into customized handmade products.

Our brand is inspired by African art and mostly Sierra Leonean parables to produce durable, stylish and fairly priced products.

Our products include;

  •   Furniture
  •   Home wares
  •   Office Accessories
  •   Flower pots
  •   Found objects.

Our explicit services include;

Space design for homes owners, hotels, commercial and recreational spaces.

We create fascinating environments with tinapgreen products.

We are a Sierra Leonean based upcycling and repurposing company extracted from the Krio word tinap which means stand up.

We are standing up for sustainable design, eco-friendly unwanted materials, our environment and your pockts in a unique way.


  •   We are passionately against waste in our environment.
  •   We aim at transforming overlooked items into wealth by making it tell a story


  •   We are here to provide a well designed eco-friendly environment.
  •   Our belief is that design is for eveyone regardless of budget.

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