Track Your Build SL Limited

Airbus, one of the world’s leading airplane manufacturers recently selected 11 companies from Africa to participate in their 2 day Africa4Future pitch event in Nairobi, Kenya on the 25th and 26th of August.

Track Your Build SL Limited was selected as one of the 11 to pitch for a 10 day incubator program in Toulouse France. The company was represented by CEO, Edmond Nonie, who made a presentation on the Aerial Response Maps platform or A.R.M. which is the combination of Satellites, Drones, Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing to analyze areas at risk should extreme climate events occur as well as using this platform for rapid mapping and analysis during emergencies.

Despite scoring very highly with the judges, Track Your Build was not selected for the incubation placement; this honor went to Illuminum Greenhouses of Kenya.

In discussions after the event, AirBus executives in attendance offered to structure a partnership between Track your Build and AirBus Geo-Intelligence which is the branch of AirBus that specializes in defense and space applications and a partnership with AirBus Aerial which is the branch of AirBus that specializes in manufacturing drones.

The terms of the partnerships will be negotiated in the coming weeks and the aim is for AirBus to provide Track Your Build with;

Advanced satellite mapping support (resolution of 50cm and can create 2D maps and 3D models from satellite measurements) and
Provision of high-altitude/long range drones (with advanced PPK which syncs the drones position against AirBus satellites eliminating the need to set ground control points but mapping to a higher degree of accuracy).
Track Your Build is still committed to developing the A.R.M. platform; which will be a collaborative project of all Sierra Leonean firms; namely, Track Your Build, Qi Systems and IDT Labs.

The company is very grateful for all of the support it has received and we look forward to serving the people of Sierra Leone in various innovative and exciting ways.

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