1.  Tell us about your start-up/business. What’s your 30 second elevator pitch?

 Vita Foods 360 is Specialized in Nutritious products that are alternative to expensive supplements/capsules.

 2. What need or problem are you solving?

We are solving the problem of Malnutrition – Vitamin A deficiency, diet related non-communicable diseases.

 3. How did you come up with the idea for the business?

We did Market survey and analysis of nutritious products (not supplements) on the market;

Customer based survey.

 4. How did you validate that your solution was viable?

The Feedback from our target customers proved that our solution was viable.

5. What stage are you at and what’s next?

We are presently at the setting up stage (Production).

6. What is the biggest win you’ve had so far?

Our biggest win so far is being selected to participate in She Trades; a global event for women entrepreneurs in Dubai in February 2022.

 7.  What has been the biggest challenge you’ve to overcome as a start-up founder?

Paying back the loan with high interest to the bank is has been our biggest challenge.

 8. What needs do you have to grow and take it to the next level?

We need additional assets/equipment to increase our production capacity.

 9. What’s your take on the local start-up scene / entrepreneurial community? What has been helpful?

The identification by Innovation SL creating a platform for my maiden business pitch and that has been helpful.

 10. What do you think as an entrepreneur would be more helpful to have here in the region?

We believe a regional hub (could be virtual) to coach, mentor upcoming entrepreneurs. A space for regional/international networking to promote business.

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