We are producing clean cooking stoves; our aim is to change people’s mindset to stop polluting the environment and save the planet.

 We are saving the environment from the emission of black carbon smoke, reducing deforestation, and providing easy access to clean cooking energy by using improved cooking stoves.

Lack of access to modern clean energy which 70% depend on in rural areas and mainly causes damage to the environment and an increase in heart diseases due to the black carbon emitted while cooking causing millions of people’s lives to be at risk especially children dying under 5 years made me ponder on the idea of creating a platform where they can be safe, save their time and energy also provide easy access to modern clean cooking energy by using our smart green stove.

The first products were 20 single burner stoves which were sold out within 2 weeks at 250,000LE each and the demand keeps increasing every day due to the positive feedback of these stove users

The stage of our business presently is meeting market demands and supply and creating more awareness about clean cooking energy.

The biggest win so far is that UNDP Sierra Leone has come to our aid through the Women and Youth Project to develop our business and create a sustainable community livelihood project. 

Our business is facing so many challenges of which the greatest are finance and the tools and machinery needed for our start-up. 

In order to grow our business and become more sustainable we are in need of the following:

  • Affordable transportation means to do deliveries 
  • Financial support 
  • Branding and marketing 
  • More equipment to enhance production
  • Creating a platform for more awareness 

As an entrepreneur, a local startup is not easy it takes a lot of, finance, time, energy, labor, and much more.

As an entrepreneur, introducing innovative technology, product, and services, increase competition, and provide startup kits for innovators, and more viable projects.

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